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Today consumers, whether they be homeowners or business owners, are choosing to install cork floors in their residences and their businesses. Why? Because a little bit of research brings forth the many advantages that cork presents over other traditional materials. Benefits that in the long run help to make your space cleaner and healthier, even ‘greener’.

Flooring made from cork can help you save money on your heating and cooling bills. The same cellular structure that insulates a floating cork floor against noise transfer will also keep out unwanted heat energy in the summer, or to keep it in the home in the winter. This means less energy will be expended to control the temperature of an interior space, a bonus to any wallet. Look into floating cork flooring today for better management

Cork flooring can truly do wonders in your home’s basement. Since cork repels moisture, installing a cork floor can help keep mold, mildew and pests away. Cork is filled with millions of tiny pockets of air, creating a wonderful insulator that will aid in warming in winter and cooling in summer. Just think, a basement that is welcoming and cozy.

Glue down application is more cost and labor intensive and often also involves hiring a professional, whereas installing a floating floor is easy enough for a DIY weekend project. In the long run a floating cork floor can save you money. Cork flooring provides a thermal barrier against those long cold winter days. Durable as stone and easy to clean, maintenance takes less than wood as well.

Need a sample. No problem. Not only do we have samples, we highly recommend that customers receive them before purchasing. Our manufacturer is Europe-based, so all product received is held in our warehouses. When you are ready to buy, we are ready to ship. It is that easy. Visit our website to order your free samples – we just ask $7 (5-6 samples) to pay the USPS cost of shipping your parcel.

We have so much cork flooring in our warehouse, we had to find another one to house some of it. We sell all our high quality cork floors at amazing prices, so you can save money.

These savings continue with our excellent shipping promotions and sales. Visit our online gallery to see our amazing offers for you.

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