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Cork flooring naysayers like to point out its drawbacks, but did they tell you those drawbacks can be minimized. And really, how many of them are willing to compare its outstanding qualities to its competition. In the long run, it will prove to be the best. Great cushion and standing support; shock-and-sound absorbent; naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic; low maintenance; sustainably made, biodegradable, and recyclable are just to name a few. Try cork flooring in your kitchen and you’ll see how wonderful it is. Entertaining with friends just became a lot more fun and relaxed as your cork floors ease sore feet and backs.

Cork contains millions of air-filled pockets in every cubic inch, enhancing its cushiony properties. These pockets compress under pressure and retain their shape as the pressure is removed. The same characteristic which makes cork an ideal surface flooring material is also responsible for cork’s success as an acoustic and thermal insulator. In addition, cork is elastic and compressible, which makes it very comfortable underfoot and almost impossible to dent. It’s also extremely durable; if properly maintained, cork flooring will last for generations.

Softer than hardwood or stone, we compare the comfort of our floors to that of carpeting. You get a softer warmer floor that supports the body rather than one that cause your feet to ache after mere minutes. And unlike carpeting, a quick sweeping is all that is needed instead of expensive and loud vacuuming.

Consumers have made the move to cork as the material of choice in homes and offices as it has proven to be ideal for covering not only floors but also walls. It has an interesting look and is also environmentally sustainable, as well as durable and affordable. Unlike other wood flooring where the trees are killed during the process, the cork oak tree is not injured or damaged when its bark is harvested. Make the ‘green’ choice too.

Want a sample, no problem. We highly recommend that customers make purchasing decisions after having seen and touched our sample pieces. We carry plenty of stock, so when you are ready to buy, we are ready to ship. It is that easy. Visit our website to order your free samples – and only ask $7(5-6 samples) to pay the USPS cost of shipping your parcel.

Order your cork flooring direct from the warehouse and save. That’s right, buying direct from us means more money stays in your pocket. We have top color and product choices in square edge, bevel edge and printed plank floating cork floors just waiting for you. Wait till you see our 12mm bleached Birch floating cork floor – truly beautiful. See us today at to find your favorites and order your samples.

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