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Cork flooring is the ideal choice for ‘Go green’ enthusiasts as it is derived from the bark of the cork oak tree. Skilled workers carefully harvest the bark and do not injure or harm the tree in any way. Great, huh? The tree lives, a span of up to two hundred years before it needs to be replaced. Check cork out. We’ve got an amazing range of cork flooring to choose from.

Like its hardwood cousins, cork floors are visually appealing, but that is not where cork’s benefits end. Not only does cork provide a comfortable surface cushion, offering support and relief to sore feet and joints, cork also works as a sound and thermal insulator.

As a floating cork floor, this square-edged design will install seamlessly. You get a floor that appears as one large finished unit, minus the caulking breaks found with ceramic tiles. Equipped with the Uniclic flooring system, a patented tongue and grove application, our 12”W x 36”L board planks will click together with minimal fuss. Without the requirement of glue, tools and other instruments are left to a minimum. Top that off with minimal floor preparation and you save on time as well as labor expenses. With our 12mm floating cork floor you’ve got a floor that can be installed in hours instead of days. No separate underlayment is required since our planks have an integrated low-density sound absorbing cork underlayment.

When you purchase your cork flooring from us, you are buying direct from our warehouse. This mean less overhead for us and more saving passed onto you. With saving on floating floors, what are you waiting for, come see us today at and to see our complete line of cork flooring and order your own set of samples
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