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Cork sound proof tiles, quiet where it’s wanted. Cork is making a splash in the world of discreet. In addition to the beautiful look and rich feel that cork tiles offers, it also has outstanding sound proof qualities. This property is what makes it popular in businesses where acoustics matter. Public buildings such as libraries, museums and art galleries, where silence is a necessity, install cork tiles on their walls and wall Panels, sound proof the spaces where quiet and relaxation matter.

Bring our wall Panels into your home for a comfortable walking surface, that not only stays warm in all weather conditions, but can do sound and thermal insulation as well. In this one product you get multiple jobs done. It simply cannot be denied. Save on money and save on time.

Make ‘Go Green’ a new mantra for your home. Building or renovating a home that is not only comfortable and elegant but also easy on the environment has become imperative in this modern era. Too many machines, too many synthetic and chemical goods, too many non-biodegradable products are slowly corroding our natural environment. It’s time to work with the earth, or risk the loss of life as we know it. Each one of us can contribute to a greener living approach. Using less chemicals and more regenerative and recyclable products is an absolute must for a healthier, happier future.

By shopping with Forna we are helping to save you money on top quality cork tiles. We are the distributor of our product and pass those saving on to you. Just look at our amazing 6mm Leather cork tile. This beautiful tile is currently available for just $3.39 a sq/ft. Shop online at and order your favorites – we would love to ship you free samples!!
Cancork Floor Inc
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